KABSFI is committed to helping you understand your finances in order to grow them. Wealth management can be overwhelming and confusing, but it shouldn’t be. We, at KABFSI are committed to you and will have your best interests at heart. We succeed when you do. We work with business owners to leverage opportunities, increase cash flow and assist with the management of business succession planning and strategies for those wishing to preserve their wealth in order to transfer it to the next generation.

Our focus of a strategically structured estate plan, that reflects your wishes, gives purpose and most importantly, will have an impact for generations to come. Working closely with a group of professionals, KABFSI will put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to free up your time so you can focus on what matters most – spending quality time doing the things that you love.


Karen A. Baker

Insurance & Estate Planner
Financial Management Advisor (FMA)
Fellow Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI)
Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC)
Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA)
Certificate in Financial Planning (FPSC Level I )
Member of Advocis, Kingdom Advisor and FPSC

Karen A. Baker is a licensed Estate Planner and Financial Advisor who is passionate about instilling sound biblical principles to train the next generation of stewards. Her advice incorporates the 5 foundational principle about money. With the practical knowledge from the Kingdom Advisors Core Training and Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), she blends the technical, tangible and intangible wisdom in her practice to help the next heirs be wise with money and live generously. Karen holds FCSI, FMA, FIC, CLU®, CKA® FPSC Level 1® Certificant in Financial Planning. Her mission is to help families implement tools to protect their ability to earn a living while maintaining a life of purpose.