Are you a business owner or planning to be a business owner? Research shows that small businesses are the back-bone of our country. As a self-employed business owner myself, the rewards and challenges are real! How would the business continue if you are sick, injured and simply not able to work due to a mental break-down? Does the business have enough cash flow to keep it afloat until you are back on your feet? Does your business have a key-person to walk in your shoes until you are back on your feet?

How will the proceeds of the business be transferred to the next generation or to your business partner? Buy-sell agreements, estate freeze and share holder purchase agreements are some tools to be considered. However, they have to be carefully constructed and does require a level of expertise that not many advisors are equipped to do on their own.

Most business owners or professionals do not take and have the time to put in place the right tools to keep to momentum going during retirement and pre-retiement. With their busy schedule, they are willing to hiring estate planners like KABFSI to put all the puzzle together.

Are you a business professional? Have you covered your staff well with the right combinations of health and risk management solutions?