One of the most valuable assets you have is the ability to earn an income. Your health is your wealth! More and more Canadians are living longer! With the longevity in length of years, the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to living longer. Health insurance is one of the attractive features of any group benefits plan. Our health system (OHIP) is burdened down at the moment and unless some much-needed changes are enacted, we may not have such a system for the next generation in their retirement years.

Health insurance includes: medical plans, travel insurance, eye-wear and much more. Some employees have such attractive plans that potential employees will forgo higher wages in lieu of a great group health plan.


Health Insurance Solutions

Not sure what kind of health insurance you need? Wondering how much you can afford? No matter what your needs are, KABSFI, from a host of insurance providers, has a solution to fit your life and your budget.


Are you a:

  • Small business owner?
  • New to Canada?
  • Recent graduate?
  • Retiring or planning on retiring?
  • Self-employed?
  • Denied Insurance?

Regardless of where you fit in the puzzle, we will likely have a solution for you!