Financial services are bringing together investments and risk management tools to assist families, individuals and business owners to stay afloat in good and bad times. It includes: cash flow, retirement planning, risk management, education planning, tax planning and estate planning.

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Most people don’t realize they have an estate.  An estate is everything you own – your house, car, your values and beliefs, investments and other personal possessions passed down from one generation to the next.  Estate is taking what you own and planning in advance by assigning a person or organization to honour your wishes that includes your values and your valuables during life and after-life.

Estate planning is generally guided by three rationalmotivations…

  1. To provide adequately for family members and/or other loved ones.
  2. To ensure that your estate is distributed in the timeliest manner possible after your death.
  3. To minimize taxes during your lifetime and, equally important, for the beneficiaries of your estate.

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One of your most valuable asset is the ability to earn income whether in real or representational form.  Canadians are living longer which has placed a tremendous burden on our health care system.  What better way to product your life savings by ensuring your income continues even when you are not able to physically and psychologically able to work?

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One of the unique characteristic of business professionals is the need for more time. We will assist with your group benefits, corporate insurance, tax efficient investments, buy-sell agreements, succession planning, and wealth transfer to ensure your business stay afloat in times of economic uptick and downturn. Let us help you put all the pieces together so you can spend more time with the people and cause you care about.

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Working with families of special needs children and adults require a specialized skill set.

  • How much income is needed to care for your loved ones?
  • where will they live?
  • What kind of care should they have and how often?
  • Do they have a routine, hobbies and or charities that is near and dear to their heart?

Not everyone who has a special needs was born with it. Regardless of the cause, special care, knowledge and wisdom is needed to care for them.  Working with skilled professionals and organizations with provide the peace of mind for your loved ones during your life time and providing after-care when you are no longer here.  There is no guarantee their siblings and family members will provide the care you need for them – so put in writing and make your wishes known.

The more children learn, the more they have the potential to earn.  An education savings plan allows the plan to grow tax-deferred for many years.  As an enhancement the government will guarantee you a 20% return on all deposits in the form of an education savings grant up to $500 annually until age 18.  This grant is in addition to any growth of the plan based on how the funds is invested.  There is no such plan like this for children.


Think of your child’s education as an investment and not an expense.  Don’t wait, start early – the end result is taking advantage of compounding and government contributions.  Monetary gifts received from family and friends – park it in an RESP.  Note, not all plans are the same so contact us for more information.  With rising cost of living and housing cost, why walk away from the 20% grant?  It’s worth contributing.

Life insurance comes to life when we are no longer here. It’s the critical first step in protecting your family, your future, and your estate.  The purpose of life insurance is to provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine, and the other things for your family and the cause you care about – just as you are doing right now.  When your work and toil is done, life insurance comes alive.


Through life insurance, your hands will carry on.  If you ever feel the price you are paying to upkeep the policy is burdensome, remember that it will do more for your family and the cause you care about than you can ever do for us.   Do your part and life insurance will do theirs.  Remember to designated a trusted beneficiary(ies) to the proceeds of your life insurance policy or trustee for minors.  Remember to specify when and how the funds should be used.

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The effects of a debilitating or terminal illness can be a strain on a family not only financially but also emotionally.  No one is immune to a critical illness.  Cancer, heart attack, stroke, and coronary bypass are leading causes of most terminal illness.  Childhood diabetics and stress are now creeping upon us as leading cause which triggers other debilitating illness.


For pennies a day a critical illness will help you and your family with a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis.